Who is Mike Panetta?

Mike Panetta was recently elected to the position of U.S. Representative in the November 7th election in the District of Columbia, DC. The position is often referred to as the "Shadow Representative" and should not be confused with the office of Delegate to Congress, which is currently held by Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Mike has run several high-profile campaigns for DC representation including starting an Olympic team for the District and leading efforts to rebrand RFK Stadium as "Taxation Without Representation Field" Mike pledges to make the DC voting rights issue a national one that is embraced by progressive activists across the country.

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    From The Hill, April 26, 2007
    (Regarding article, “House Dems secure win on D.C. voting rights bill,” April 20.)

    The sheeple of America graze mindlessly, awaiting their proverbial slaughter via Congress’s erosion of law. A fiat decree passed the House — a bill allotting the District of Columbia one House seat. …

    A blood-bought document called the Constitution was willfully violated. Only states shall have House representatives. A constitutional provision was made to establish a seat for our federal government, and Maryland and Virginia freely ceded to the U.S. government a portion of their lands for the establishment of our nation’s capital. The Founders of this Republic didn’t view Washington, D.C., as a state, and therefore did not intend for D.C. to have House representatives or Senators.

    If this usurpation of the Constitution is made law, it won’t be long before demands are made for two senators to be allotted to D.C. Listen up: Three more electoral votes could be in play in 2008 and beyond. Do you smell the stench of Democratic desperation?

    The correct way for D.C. to be allotted House and Senate members is to amend the Constitution. …

    ~From John Salsgiver, Ford City, Pa.

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